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Working with key public interest stakeholders to develop good practices in new approaches to linear infrastructure planning


The advisory panel aims to listen and incorporate the
perspectives of key public interest stakeholders, including social and
environmental groups, in the development of best practices and ethical
approaches in the use of new techniques, such as algorithms and advanced software tools, for linear infrastructure planning

Our purpose 

A new approach to linear infrastructure planning 

Projects with robust early stakeholder engagement are more likely to result in mutually agreeable proposals. The LIPP is working with representatives from community groups, NGOs and other key external stakeholders to develop a common language and leading practice on linear infrastructure planning. 


Community interaction

The panel seeks to understand how new approaches and processes can best support communities and developers in their discussions about local impacts


Confidence in new technological approaches

The panel is exploring how to build and sustain public confidence in the use of algorithms and advanced software for linear infrastructure planning


Social, environmental and economic metrics

The panel looks at which metrics should inform assessments for the planning of critical linear infrastructure

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